Replacing a Valve


Turn off all shut off screws (see video)


  1. Remove the bottom plate (PH10-27) by unscrewing all 5 screws (PH10-7)
  2. Find the valve (PH10-89) to replace, the numbers above the valves (PH10-89) correspond to the numbers on the manifold
  3. Remove the two screws (PH10-3) on the button plate (PH10-2) and remove the button plate (PH10-2)
  4. Remove the two screws (PH10-7) holding the butterfly plates (PH10-9-1HR | PH10-9-1HL | PH10-9-2 | PH10-9-3HL | PH10-9-3HR) and then remove them
  5. Remove the stem retainers (PH10-XXX)
  6. Turn the hat (PH10-125) with a screwdriver and remove the hat (PH10-19), spring (PH10-24) and the O-ring (PH10-29) from the valve chamber
  7. On the valve that you intend to replace, using a screw driver press the stem pushing the valve through the chamber
  8. Insert the new valve into the chamber
  9. Re-insert the hat and hat o-ring by turning the hat 90 degrees locking the wings of the hat (PH10-125) under the edge of the handle (PH10-113)
  10. Reattach the bottom plate (PH10-27) by screwing in the five screws (PH10-7) (Don't overtighten)
  11. Replace the stem O-ring retainers (PH10-52 or PH10-110) ensuring that the crossed side of the retainers is facing up.
  12. Place the butterfly plates (PH10-9-XX) onto the handle (PH10-113)
  13. Reinsert the butterfly screws (PH10-7) and butterfly retainer (PH10-8) and screw tightly (don't overtighten!), make sure the butterflies (PH10-9-XX) are snuggly seated
  14. Place button plate (PH10-2) back on the handle and tighten screws


Reactivate the pressure to the bargun by turning the shutoff switches to the open position.

Test the handle for any leakage.

Parts needed

Part No. Description
PH10-27 Bottom Plate (10 button) - Black
PH10-7 Bottom Plate Screw
PH10-3 Button Plate Screw
PH10-2 Button Plate (Black)
PH10-19 Tube Seal O-Ring
PH10-24 Valve Spring
PH10-8 Butterfly retainer
PH10-9-1HL Plate - 1Hole-Left Hand
PH10-9-1HR Plate - 1Hole - Right Hand
PH10-9-2H Butterfly plate - 2 hole
PH10-9-3HL Butterfly plate - 3 hole left
PH10-9-3HR Plate - 3Hole - Right Hand