Replacing the Stem O-ring


Turn off all shut off screws (see video)


  1. Remove the two screws on the button plate (PH10-3) and remove the button plate (PH10-2)
  2. Remove the two screws (PH10-7) holding the butterfly plates (PH10-9-1HR | PH10-9-1HL | PH10-9-2 | PH10-9-3H | PH10-9-3HR) and remove the butterfly plates(PH10-9-XX)
  3. Remove the stem O-ring retainer (PH10-110)
  4. Place the the sharp twisted side of the stem O-ring (XXX) tool onto a stem O-ring (M4H-10B) and turn. The pin should grab hold of the O-ring (M4H-10B), then pull out to remove the stem O-ring (M4H-10B).
  5. Place the new stem O-ring (M4H-10B) onto the stem (PH10-89) and the use the opposite side of the stem O-ring tool to seat the stem O-ring (M4H-10B) onto the stem (PH10-89)
  6. Replace the stem O-ring retainers (PH10-110) ensuring that the crossed side of the retainers is facing up.
  7. Replace the butterfly plates (PH10-9-XX)
  8. Reinsert the butterfly screws (PH10-7) and butterfly retainer (PH10-8) and screw tightly (don't overtighten!), make sure the butterflies (PH10-9-XX) are snuggly seated
  9. Place button plate (PH10-2) back on the handle and tighten screws (PH10-3)


Turn the shut-off screws back to the on position

Parts needed

Part No. Description
PH10-3 Button Plate Screw
PH10-2 Button Plate (Black)
PH10-7 Bottom Plate Screw
PH10-8 Butterfly retainer
PH10-89 Valve Stem - Santoprene
PH10-9-1HL Plate - 1Hole-Left Hand
PH10-9-1HR Plate - 1Hole - Right Hand
PH10-9-2H Butterfly plate - 2 hole
PH10-9-3HL Butterfly plate - 3 hole left
PH10-9-3HR Plate - 3Hole - Right Hand