Replacing the Hat O-ring


Turn off all shut off screws (see video)


  1. Remove the bottom plate (PH10-27) by unscrewing all 5 screws (PH10-7)
  2. Find the hat O-ring (PH10-19) to replace, the numbers above the hats (PH10-125) correspond to the numbers on the manifold
  3. Turn the hat (PH10-125) with a screwdriver and remove the hat (PH10-125), spring (PH10-24) and hat O-ring (PH10-19)
  4. Place the new Hat O-ring onto the hat and stem
  5. Reinsert the hat (PH10-125), spring (PH10-24) and Hat O-ring (PH10-19) into the valve chamber
  6. Turn the hat (PH10-125) 90 degrees locking the wings of the hat (PH10-125) under the edge of the handle (PH10-113)
  7. Reattach the bottom plate (PH10-27) by screwing in the five screws (PH10-7) (Don't overtighten)


Turn all shut off screws into the on position and test for leakage.

Parts needed

Part No. Description
PH10-3 Button Plate Screw
PH10-2 Button Plate (Black)
PH10-7 Bottom Plate Screw
PH10-8 Butterfly retainer
PH10-89 Valve Stem - Santoprene
PH10-9-1HL Plate - 1Hole-Left Hand
PH10-9-1HR Plate - 1Hole - Right Hand
PH10-9-2H Butterfly plate - 2 hole
PH10-9-3HL Butterfly plate - 3 hole left
PH10-9-3HR Plate - 3Hole - Right Hand