Brixing a Metering Screw Bargun


  1. Remove the Nozzle (PH10-60)
  2. Put on the syrup separator (PH10-83)
  3. Place the syrup separator (PH10-83) into the brix cup (PH10-35) and do a trial dispense
  4. Remove the protective cover (PM10-103) on the manifold
  5. Adjust the metering screws (PM10-6), counter clockwise will increase flow, clockwise will decrease flow
  6. Dispense drink and check the ratio in the brix cup (PH10-35), repeat process until you have the desired ratio
  7. Reattach the nozzle (PH10-60)
  8. Reattach the shutoff screw guard (PM10-103)

Parts needed

Part No. Description
PH10-83 Syrup Separator with Plug
PH10-35 Brix Cup - 5:1 - 5-5:1 Ratio
PM10-6 Brix / Shutoff O-ring
PH10-60 Series II.5 Nozzle (Black)