Food Dispensing Systems


The Innovator of Sauce Portion Control

Introducing our next generation of rotary sauce dispensing systems for pizza sauce applications. Our heavy-duty roto-molded pizza sauce dispenser is a low cost, fast and efficient system that consistently and accurately applies the precise amount of sauce you want while spreading it proportionally onto the dough.

Now pizza operators have a solution to improve quality and consistency while increasing profits.

  • Features a linear arm that dispenses an even and consistent amount of sauce across the dough each and every time
  • Sauces accurately up to 1/10th of an ounce
  • Handles up to 5 different dough types and 5 different sizes, from 6” to 18” pizzas
  • Customize your saucer by programming your unique pizza specifications
  • NSF, ETL, ROHS and CE Certified
  • City of Los Angeles Approved (RTM)

Manufactured under one or more Patents and Patents Pending:

U.S. Pat. Nos. 6,892,901; 6,892,629; 6,969,015; 7,074,277; 7,993,049
Canadian Patents: CA2740766_C; CA2912970
Japanese. Patent No.: 6062970

  • System saves approximately 7 to 10 hours of labor per week, or 400 hours per year